Fostering Great Ideas runs on compassion. We are largely volunteers, doing what comes naturally –  lending an open hand to children and their families. Our growth is only possible through the support of individuals, corporations, faith-based organizations, and foundations. Thank you for embracing our work.

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Current Donors:



Betty and Lewis Smoak

Chad and Pam Prashad

First Steps of Greenville County

Graham Foundation

Greenville Women Giving

Howell and Madeline Adams

Michael and Melanie Fee

United Way of Greenville County




Betty and Mike Shull

Consumer Transparency

Dabo’s All In Team Foundation

F.W. Symmes Foundation

Greenville Health System

Junior League Greenville

Miracle Hill Ministries

Missy and Ryan Hoffman

Scansource Charitable Foundation

Sisters of Charity of S.C.


Barb and Reid Lehman

Barbara White

Bobbie and Thelmus Rhodes

Carey and Tom Paudler

Cheryl and Paul Swenson

Chuck and Colleen Hinton

CLC & Associates

Cox Photography

Don Waggoner

Ethox Chemicals, LLC

Find Great People

Frank and Linda O’Brien

George and Karen Milner

Grant and Mika Rogers

Kathy and Mike Dosher

Lillian Darby

Melissa and Roy Janse


Orthodontic Associates of Greenville

Parkside Pediatrics

Paula and Stan Bikulege

Penny O’Callaghan

Richard and Rosemary Goodall

St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church, Tithing Committee

Tandem Creperie & Coffeehouse

TD Bank

The Brand Leader

The Clutch

The Cross Foundation

The Gilreath Foundation

Trinity Lutheran Church

Wabtec Foundation



Ali and Hank Cobb


Anthony Compton

Bill and Vereen Dennis

Bon Secours St. Francis

Catie and Steve Buckingham

Christina and Michael Brooks

Dan and Nicole Bracken

Dena and Tony Smith

Downtown Presbyterian Church, Adoption & Orphan Care Team

Emily Waggoner

First Sun Management Corp

Greenville Kiwanis Foundation

Jennifer and Patrick Fant

Kristopher Wesley

Lindsay Wesley

Lydia and Scott Dishman

Rachel Redding

Reid Wesley Family

Rob and Susan Dauler

Sealevel Systems

SYNNEX Corporation

Tim & Debbie McCrory

Wells Fargo

World Acceptance Corporation


Alex and Joanna Williams

Ali and Stephen Laird

Allison and Bart Ellis

Amy and Jeff Tuck

Anderson Law

Anita Tam

Ann and Wayne Copeland

Anna Rowley

Annie and Jason Maertens

Ashey and Cynthia Smith

Barbara Anderson and Gary Barnhart

Becky and Craig Robinson

Beth and Ron Zweigeron

Bill and Carmen Mulkey

Bill and Catherine Jacobson

Bob Robinette

Brad and Marcella Franseen

Bradley and Natalie Swillen

Brent and Kayla Poynter

Bryn and Sarah McNemar

Calie and Michael LaPierre

Cathy and Joe Turner

Cecelia Bertling

Charlotte and Dan Rigby

Charlotte and Harold Crout

Cherrydale Baptist Church

Chris and Maya Powers

Claudia and Kevin Gregg

Connie and John Hatfield

Courtney and Trey Kenna

Dave and Rossie Koss

David and Michelle Chrismer

Dianne and Paul Mathes

Doug and Sharon Kopscik

Driven Associates

Ellen and Keith Stevenson

Eric and Kary Mitchell

Eric Englebardt

Felicia and Mark Dykes

Fellowship Church

Giovanni Luccia

Grateful Brew

Greenville DSS

Greg and Renee Sgrosso

Hailey Lamb

Harrison and Lisa Cline

Holli and John Meindl

Hubbell Lighting

Ina Cottingham

Irene and Willingham Smith

James and Katherine Anderson

James Rhodes

Janet and Tom Huskey

Jason and Natalie Klue

Jeff and Sherry Taylor

Jennie and Lindsay Carrington

Jessica and Jim Messner

Jim Liddle

John and Terrie Long

Jon and Marion Grier

Jonathan Griffith

Jonathan Shanin and Jess Dennis

Kathy & Nate Barrett

Kathy and Roger Rumchak

Katy and Matt Smith

Kelli and Trey Ingram

Kelly and John Swift

Kerstin Blomquist

Kevin and Kimberly Gent

Kevin and Leni Whildin

KTM Solutions

Kyle and Shari Carpenter

Lane and Vicki Porter

Law Office of Steven Edward Buckingham LLC

Leslie Bouvier

Linda and Matthew Blaisdell

Lisa Thomas

Merus Refreshment Services

Michael and Phyllis Thomerson

Michael Johnson

Nathan Einstein

Pat Hardin

Paul and Regina Gay

Paul and Susan Brannon

Phil and Vanessa Ollar

Ransom and Rosemary White

Resurgent Capital

Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP

State of Missouri

Stephen and Taryn Jones

Stephen Maye

Steve Hall

Thomerson & Freeman P.C.

Tod Tappert

Tom Atkinson

Turner Padget



Adam and Sarah Beth Wood

Adelaide and Jim Johnson

Adriana and Nate VanderNoot

Allison and Rocky Rogers

Amazon Smiles

Amy Jacobson

Anderson County DSS

Ashley Fox

Ben Baab

Beth and Marc Murphy

Beverly and Mark Caligaris

Bill and Gail Hardin

Bill and Susan McKinney

Blair Bailey

Bob and Rebecca Hamby

Brandon and Chad Cabaniss

Brenda and David Humphrey

Bruce and Candice Brady

Burke Lee

Carl and Liz Besenbach

Carla and Matthew Hyde

Caroline and David Monroe

Catherine Franch

Cathy and Larry Webber

Charles and Jane Wall

Charles and Peggy Baxter

Charlie and Toby McConnell

Charline Sanchez

Charlotte and David Wood

Cheryl Taylor

Chris and Jessica Siler

Chris and Katrina Campbell

Christina and Robert Rogers

Christopher and Nancy Gosnell

cindy horton

Dave and Kristine Gilmer

David and Karen Freeman

David Bereskin

Dawn and Tom Anderson

Dawn Arquette

Debbie and Will Henderson

Debra and James Murray

Debra Robinson

Derek and Hedrick Lewis

Des and Jill Kelly

Elizabeth and Kyle Gordon

Elizabeth Beaver

Emily Etchison

Engran and Ronald Singleton

Eric and Robin Longino

Frank and Jane Powell

Gary and Marty Melrose

George Helmrich

Gerry and Katie Brophy

Glenn and Sharon King

Greg Travis

Heath Adam

Jackie Saunders

Jacob Varughese

Jamie and Tim Brockman

Jan Clawson

Janis Harris-Ortiz

Jean and Will Freeman

Jeanette and Robert Bugg

Jed Dews

Jeff Cravens

Jerome and Virginia Calvert

Jessica Martin

Jill and Sam Kennady

Jim and Marnie Cree

Jocelyn Slaughter

John and Lori Nelson

John and Sheila Gouch

John Ross

John Warden

Jon and Shelly Jones

Jonathan and Meghan Godwin

Jonathan Parker

Jori and Ryan Magg

Judy and Robert Speer

Judy Jenkins

Julia and Lewis Gilpin

Julia and William Doan

Julia Schmidt

Justin and Douglas Hirsch

Karen Jackson and Syed Ally

Kate Meyer

Kelly Powell

Kent Peterson

Kerry Stubbs

Kim and Phil Greig

Kristin and Mike Sridhar

LaNeitra Dawkins

Latashua Edwards

Laura and Lawrence Camp

Lauren and Peter Murray

Laurie Rovin

Leon and Melissa Jacobs

Leslie and Molly Maloney-Miller

Libby Carter

Linda and Thomas Nowlin

Linda Brees

Lizzy Weiss

Loree Parkinson

Lorri Merrell

Lucas Marchant

Luther and Sally Boliek

Marius Revis

Marsha Dukes

Martha and Thomas Johnson

Meg and Travis Hooper

Megan Shropshire

Michele Staley

Michelle and Milford Kilgore

Mike Bynarowicz

Nancy Chapin

Nicole and Tom Zahorec

Nicole Zimmerman

Ogletree Deakins

Pam and Todd Reichard

Pam Duffie

Pat and Ray Smith

Pat Jobe and Gabriele Rissmeyer

Patrick and Susan Arie

Patti Richardson

Paul and Valerie Wetzel

Randall Stahl

Rhonda Sanchez

Robert and Samantha McKenzie

Robert and Sarah Farrar

Robert Erb

Russell Davis

Saint Matthew UMC

Sarah Steele

Scott and Susan Simmons

Seasons Cafe and Catering

St. Matthew Christian Fellowship Class

Steven and Michelle Halbert

Sue Little

Sue Orban

Teresa Chandler

Teresa Hicks

Tyler Boggs

United Way of the Piedmont

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