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If you like a good story, read in-depth what 3 adults have to say about the youth they mentor. Each one is a mentor relationship of over 2 years. Read their stories here.





…and, if you like inspirational quotes, read below…

Life Support Mentor Program:
Youth in foster care were asked what they wanted to say about their mentor:

“I love her and I love how I can talk to her about anything.”


“She is nice to me and helps me with my problems and I appreciate her so much and love her.”

Why I love my mentorWe asked the youth to write down “The #1 thing I want to say about my mentor is this:” The responses were frank, humbling, and show the incredible value of this relationship. Watch the video.




Operation Bear Hug:
Case workers distributing the teddy bears were asked about the giving experience:

“This was the family’s first visit with the child, and the parents were 20 minutes late… During this time I sang to the child and played games to soothe her; however nothing seemed to work. I took the child to the Bear closet and her eyes lit up! She took her time selecting a bear, and when she did the two were inseparable. Thanks!”


“It was good to see the bear bring a smile to child’s face during a confusing time for her.”


Life In Limbo:
Participants were asked their reflections after experiencing the simulation:

“I just wanted to say one thing… for the first time I got see how the [birth] parents feel. I have never been in contact with [birth] parents, as a foster parent. I always had a negative, have to admit, attitude toward them, but once I heard their history, and what they’ve been through, it just opened me up more to, you know, how can I help…  I never felt that way before – thank you so much.”


“It is so powerful, when people experience what kids actually go through, during the taking of a child out of the home, it is an experience like non other, so I encourage you greatly to do one of these at your church or your foster parent association, or anything of that caliber, it would be worth your time.”


Thanksgiving Grace:

“I would like to commend you and the volunteers on your work and dedication with Thanksgiving Grace. Excellent job!!! It was an awesome experience. I sincerely enjoyed myself and my families were elated as well. Kudos to all involved.” – Case Manager

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